Thursday, June 13, 2019

Home Theater Chairs and How to Choose the Right Style!

While most homeowners, when setting up a home theater, focus on the technology element: television, sound system, and so on – they tend to forget how important seating is for their theater-like experience.
When you get home tired and want to sit down to watch a movie or your favorite show, the last thing you want to do is sit in something uncomfortable and hurting your back. That is why you should give as much importance to the seating in your home theater as you would to the screen and other devices.
Selecting the right seating for your home theater is not a walk in the park you need to know exactly what it is you want. With hundreds and thousands of options in the market, if you aren’t prepared, chances are you will be overwhelmed and will have to sit down – pun intended.  But don’t worry, we won’t let you go out there and hunt on your own.
We decided to do the work for you! This extensive guide is here to give you all the information you may need in your quest for the ultimate seating for your home theater. We covered all the important areas when it comes to buying home theater seats – from the different types of chairs, material, accessories, and features to which features will not only improve the comfort level of your home but also your health. After years of experience in this business, we know what people want to know the most, and that’s exactly what we are trying to explain here.
Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and read on! Oh, and make sure you download our ultimate checklist for buying home theater seating online!

Types of home theater seating

We have picked out the seven most popular types of seating that you can use in a home theater. Each of the sections will give you information about what kind of seating is it, if there are different layout and arrangement options, what materials can you pick out from and so on.
At the end of each section, we tried to sum up some pros and cons for each type of chair to help you even more before you make that final decision.


The recliner, made popular by La-Z-Boy, provide a lot of comfort. They support the lumbar and the neck. The reason why they are called recliners is due to the fact that they recline back usually with the help of a lever or a remote. They have a body that can recline back allowing you to sit almost as if you were laying down.
There are different types of recliners such as rock recliners, wall-hugger recliners, lift chairs, and massage recliners. Depending on the functionality you want, you can go with one that fits your needs. If you generally relax in your home theater after a long day of work then a massage recliner would be ideal for you. Whereas, a rock recliner may be better suited for someone that just wants to relax and lounge while watching a movie.
When it comes to arranging the seats in your home theater, you have many options. Recliners come on their own but most homeowners prefer to buy seats that come in sets of 3 or more for home theater, so they can seat more people. Arranging the recliner depends on the number of seats you get. A single seat is easy to arrange but most people wouldn’t want to get just one for a home theater.
When buying them in a set, the layout can either be straight facing the screen or you can even get a C shaped set which allows for those on the left and right side to get a view from an angle. We will talk about layouts more later in the article!
Recliners are ideal for bachelor pads and for smaller families.

The pros and cons of a recliner seat


Rocker seats will have you feeling like you are in an actual theater – they give you the option to lift the seat. The seats also have a rocking mechanism which means they allow you to recline the back, so you can relax. The seat has a stand which enables it to rock, but don’t worry they don’t function like rocking chair going back and forth!
Like recliners, you can buy rockers separate or in rows, depending on how many you need. Of course, buying them separate gives you more freedom as far as the layout of the room goes but it is more expensive to do that.
The seats are available in leather and fabric material allowing you to decide based on the aesthetics of your home theater. Rockers, like recliners, are ideal for bachelor pads and smaller families but also can be used in bigger setups.

The pros and cons of a rocker seat


To put it simply, chaises are long chairs that allow you to put your legs up, and you can buy them as a part of a sofa set or a sectional. The reason why chaises are popular in homes is that they provide exceptional back support and feel like a small bed attached to the sofa. They allow a person to sit or lie down if they feel the need for providing a bit of extra comfort while you watch movies.
Chaises come as a part of a sofa set so they aren’t that easy to arrange. You can, however, have them assembled according to the arrangement you like as they allow for some customization. As far as style goes, you can get one with 2 chaises at each end with a couple of seats in the middle or with a seat and a chaise. The arrangement in the room depends on the number of seats.
Chaises are perfect for smaller and bigger families alike. Of course, when it comes to bigger families you will need to get a bigger sofa set that comes with chaises.

The pros and cons of a chaise seat


Sofas are the most common type of seating that we find in lounges and even home theaters. They are comfortable and allow 3-4 persons to sit in a row, while also allow for customization. You can customize the style and size of the sofa according to your needs, making it a great choice for home theaters.
Sofas are easy to setup and arrange in the room. Most homeowners opt to go with a 7-seater, 2 singles, 1 double, and 1 3-seater. But as mentioned above, since they are customizable you can get them however you like.
They are perfect for all types of families, from small to bigger ones. You have the option with sofas to select the number of seats and even customize the layout as per your liking. You can consider the size of the room and the number of individuals you have in your family and decide on a sofa set accordingly.

The pros and cons of a sofa seat

C-shaped Media Room

The C-shaped media room is a set of recliners, typically four seats, in a shape of a C. They come equipped with cup holders and are a great addition to a home theater. To maximize viewing pleasure, the seats are arranged so they form a C, so each person can view the screen at a proper angle.
The seats are comfortable and provide leg rests for those that want to recline back.  Some even come with an ottoman or you can buy one on its own, which also serves the purpose of a leg rest.
The C-shaped media room is ideal for smaller and medium-sized families or a bachelor pad in which you have a few friends over quite often to watch movies or play video games.

The pros and cons of a C-shaped media room

Home Theater Sectional

Home theater sectionals are like the C-shaped media room in the sense that you have a few seats joined together. You can get these in a C like shape or a straight line.
What sets them apart from the C-shaped media room is that the seats are more like sofas so they are a bit more comfortable and provide a little bit more room, which also means they take up a little more space. These are not easy to rearrange as they are heavy and don’t really give an option of customization as far as arrangement goes.
Home theater sectionals are ideal for bigger families but smaller ones would enjoy them too.

The pros and cons of a home theater sectional

Seats For Kids

You can find a different type of home theater seating for kids from recliners to a single seater. They come with pretty much the same functionalities as the normal seat would except they are smaller in size so a kid can comfortably sit in it. You can even get smaller sofa sets if you have more than one child.
Home theater seats for kids are not only smaller in size but the upholstery material used is vinyl which is easy to clean and durable – perfect for the little ones!

The pros and cons of home theater seats for kids

Features each chair can have

No one likes to hold their drink or bowl of popcorn while watching a movie! You want to relax and enjoy while all your gadgets, snacks, and drinks are next to you rather than in your hands. These accessories will allow you to lounge at ease while you watch your favorite movies with everything you could possibly need right beside you.

LED lights

Seats now either come with LED lights or you can buy a strip of LED lights and install them on your home theater seats. The lights fit under the seats and, while they add an element of class to the seats, they also help with the viewing experience. The LED lights are usually a cool blue color so they provide a bit of extra light in the atmosphere which puts less strain on your eyes.





Accessory Dock

You can find many different accessory docks for seats to add various accessories – from a tablet holder to a swivel tray that can hold your popcorn and drink. The accessory dock fits into the armrest of the chair and you can get them in various sizes depending on how much support you need. Some accessory docks may need electricity, like ones including LED flex light, so you can run the wire through your armrest.

Arm Storage

Some chairs come with a storage option inside the armrest. The rest opens up and you can put snacks along with whatever you want in the storage. The size of storage varies depending on the size of the seat and armrest but it generally provides enough space for you to store candies and other smaller items that you’d like to have on hand while watching a movie.






USB Charging Port

Let’s face it, most of us are gadget addicts these days and have to have them close by! Having them charged while you’re watching a movie is definitely ideal. Most chairs that come with USB charging ports have them on the outer side of the armrest. They have 2 USB slots, so you can charge two devices at a time.
You can also buy an external charging port and attach it to your armrest if you need to charge multiple devices at one time. An external USB port usually comes with 2 to 4 additional slots so you can easily charge more than 3 devices at the same time.

Cup holders

As you lounge, the last thing you want is a cup in your hand. You want to be able to freely move your hand as you like and rest it without a drink in it. That is why it is important you have cup holders.
Most seats that come with cup holders have them in the armrest or attached to it. Some seats come with one cup holder while you can find some with two. You can also add a cup holder on to your seat if it already doesn’t have one. The cup holders can be easily slotted into the seat armrest if they already do not have one.

Motorized Headrest

Some seats come with motorized headrest but you can also add them on yourself to those that don’t. This headrest provides exceptional comfort and adjusts to your liking with the push of a button, allowing you to lay your head on it in the position you want. You can lay your head far back if you decide to lie down or keep it up. The armrest has the controls for the headrest which allows you to control the movement of it and make you feel like it’s year 3018 and you are in a spaceship!
There are many positions you can rest your head on. The head should be in a straight line with your back and the headrest ensures it maintains that angle rather than forcing it forward or allowing it to go too far back. With headrests, there is no additional strain on your neck on the spine.


Like the name suggests, you can either get seats that provide a rest for your feet or buy them as add-ons. Footrests are popular, especially with recliners. The two most popular types of footrests are motorized and chaise style.
  • Motorized footrest: They spring up from the bottom part of the seat and allow you to elevate your feet. Seats come with a remote or buttons that allow you to operate the footrest, springing it up when you want and down when you don’t. The footrest is great for any user allowing them to put their feet up after a long day.
  • Chaise footrest: There is also chaise style footrest that provides you with complete support for your legs and feet. These footrests allow you to level your legs up with the seat completely up along with your feet. This type of footrest is better for older individuals as it provides great support for the whole leg and not just the feet.

Recline mechanism

This feature allows you to recline – move your seat back so you can sit comfortably. You can find seats that have a motorized recline mechanism and also some that recline with a help of a lever. Motorized reclining is obviously much easier as you don’t have to put a lot of effort when you recline the seat back.
The mechanism provides extra comfort for those that want to relax and watch movies, providing extra support for their back and allowing them to pretty much lay down at an angle. Most seats recline back to a 50 degree angle.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a material used in the seating to provide comfort. It ensures that the seat takes the shape of your body, giving you relief from back pain. It’s made up of polyurethane and other chemicals and it comes in different density which determines how firm it actually is.
The density determines how the foam returns to its natural form after someone sits on it. The 1.8 density is the hardness of the foam which in turn translates to the hardness of the seating experience. The higher the resilience, the more it will return to its natural form.
It also has a layer of cooling gel that ensures it breaths while providing users with a cooling comfort so you won’t be sweating. Memory foam is durable and provides great support for your body.

Lumbar Support

If you are cautious about your body form – even if you aren’t – it is important to get seats with lumbar support. Lumbar support ensures your back and spine get the proper support so there is no pain and you sit in the proper form you need to. Ergonomic seats have a curvature shape that provides lumbar support. They usually come with coil springs that are well padded so you get both support and comfort.

Seat Type

No, this is not about recliners and rockers and chaises! The seat type refers to the specific part of each chair, the part you actually sit on. There are several different types and each has its benefits.
  • Contour seating: contour seats ensure that there isn’t too much strain or pressure on your hip bones as you sit. It distributes the pressure and allows you to sit in the seat for a longer period of time without any issue. This seat is great for older viewers.
  • Standard seat pitch: the standard seating alignment you find in seats. The seat allows users to sit comfortably, upright. This seat is commonly used and suitable for younger adults and adults alike.
  • Bucket style: bucket seats have the curved sides that come out, they sort of allow the person to dive into the seat as if it was like a bucket. These provide more surface area for the back and allow it to relax against the seat cushion, getting full coverage of the back and curving with it. This seat is more suitable for children and younger users.

Pocket coils in seat cushion

The pocket coils provide the ultimate comfort. They allow the seat to “bounce” meaning they adapt to your body when you sit on them and spring up as soon as you get off. This pretty much ensures that the seat will never sag and will remain durable.

Kiln-dried hardwood frame

The frame of the seat ensures that it is durable. This particular frame is a solid hardwood, which is stronger than what is generally employed in seating. The wood doesn’t bend easily being more resilient than the average wood options you get in seating. This is due to the fact that when the wood dries, 93% of the moisture escapes from the wood which makes it more durable.
Kiln-dried hardwood frame also ensures that the frame of your furniture remains the same with no warp or shrinkage through years of use even under humid and high temperature.

Heavy Gauge No-Sag Springs

These springs are durable due to the fact that they form a continuous coil. When these springs are used in seats, they adapt to the body shape of the person sitting in the seat and spring up as soon as they leave, making sure that the seat doesn’t sag and stays comfortable and useful for a longer period of time.

Accessories for chairs

A seat by itself is incomplete, especially when it comes to home theater seating. These are some accessories you can purchase with your seat that will further enhance your viewing experience and make you relax even more. Plus, they are great for impressing your guests

Tray tabels

Tray table provides an easy way to keep drinks and snacks while you enjoy a movie. The table can hook to the accessory dock in the seats, it fits right in. You have different types of tables to choose from: black swivel, aluminum, and glass swivel.
Both black swivel and aluminum trays made of 100% aluminum, one in black, the other in silver, while the glass swivel has a glass tray. The material of the tray is quite sturdy and can hold up to 5 lbs. which is more than enough for your drinks and snacks. The tables can swivel to 360 degrees so you can easily move them around when you feel the need to.

Phone/tablet holder

Constructed of durable aluminum, the phone and tablet holder easily fits in the accessory dock of the seat. The design of the holder will not only add class to your seat but also allows you to keep your phone and tablet in front of you, which has become a necessity these days.
The holder rotates so you can change the direction of the screen and easily show it to others sitting next to you or keep it away from them. It can fit small and big phones and tablets alike.

Wine glass holder

Unlike a cup holder, the wine glass holder adds the element of class to your home theater. The holder fits into the accessory dock and doesn’t hide your glass like most cup holders. You slide the glass in and the holder allows the glass to sit on it, this works for small and large wine glasses.
Made of 100% aluminum, the holder is durable and has an elegant finish. The stand for the glass has a swivel so you can move it if you like.

LED flex reading light

The LED flex reading light allows you to turn your home theater seat into a comfortable reading seat. The light docks on to the accessory dock and provides you with extra light that isn’t overbearing which can prove to be useful for reading or finding something you might have dropped when watching a movie.
It comes equipped with a flexible goose-neck made of stainless steel so you can rotate the light with ease to the position of your liking. It comes with LED lights that are of low voltage and requires AAA batteries to operate.

Cigar holder

You wouldn’t want to ruin the aesthetics of your home theater with a basic ashtray! The cigar and cigarette holder is of 100% aluminum with a smooth finish, that adds class to your theater. The holder has 4 different curvatures in it which can hold any size of cigar or cigarette, holding 2 cigars at a time and 4 cigarettes.
You can fit the holder in the accessory dock of the seat. The holder comes with a swivel that allows for 360-degree movement. The fact that it is made out of aluminum also makes it easy to clean after use.

Head & neck pillow

Most people need a little extra support for their head and neck even when they are sitting in the same place for a longer period of time. This accessory is fitted with the help of a strap on the headrest to provide that little extra support for your neck and head.
To provide support and comfort, the pillow employs high density and quality brown fiber. It has an ergonomic shape which provides relief to your neck muscles and the head.

Removable arm

If you decide to buy seats without an armrest, like the middle seats of sofas, then this is a perfect accessory. It slides between two seats and has a cup holder too, so you have a slot to keep your drink.
It has plush padding to provide your arm with comfort as it rests on it while the bottom of the armrest has fin which is a wood-like aperture that ensures the rest stays in place. You can remove the armrest when not needed.
If you feel you need some storage space with your removable armrest then you have the option of accessorizing with a removable storage arm. Like the armrest, this slides between two cushions and stays in place. It comes with a cup holder and the area where you rest your arm has a storage for you to keep the remote and other items you want.

Wireless battery pack

Some seats such as reclining seats need power to operate. Rather than having to plug them into a socket, you can use a wireless battery pack. The lithium-ion battery hooks up to the seat and allows you to operate it. The battery is durable providing up to 150 cycle counts.
It is also important to note that if your seats have LED lights then the use of the battery pack is not recommended. LED lights will drain out your battery, not allowing it to perform at its optimal level. The battery pack is recommended as a source of power for reclining mechanism only.

Lumbar pillow

The lumbar pillow comes with memory foam and provides exceptional support for your lower back so you can sit in your seat in the perfect position without any pain or stiffness. The pillow allows for airflow so it stays cool with ventilated air foam. It molds with your lower back providing it with the support that is comforting while also allowing the muscles and your spine to relax. If you have stiffness from sitting too long or any lower back pain then a lumbar pillow can prove to be quite beneficial.

Popcorn bowl

Your movie experience is incomplete without popcorn and no one likes to carry a bag of popped popcorn into the theater. The popcorn bowl is a classy bowl that will add to the aesthetics of your home theater rather than taking anything away from it. The bowl fits in the accessory dock and has a swivel mechanism so you can easily move it around.

Types of upholstery material

The type of upholstery you select is as important as the type of seat, if not more. With upholstery, you need to make sure you select one that is suitable for your use. If you have kids or pets, or usually have parties in your home theater, then you want a material that is easy to take care of and doesn’t stain so easy.

Sample of all the various types and colors of upholstery


There are three different types of leather that are generally used for seating.
  • Top grain leather is top of the line leather quality. This type of leather is great for upholstery as it is strong and durable. With proper care, the life of the leather will be long, but you usually have to take extra care of top grain leather.
  • Bonded leather: this type of leather is common for upholstery in furniture. It is strong and is reconstructed leather. This means that it isn’t all leather, it has a layer of fiber that consists of shredded leather and a polyurethane binder. But, the feel and look make it almost as good as top grain leather.
  • Leather gel: this is a leather that has a mixture of leather with other fibers combined. While the outer layer of the upholstery will be leather, this is the part that we see and touch, the back of cushions, the seat, and so on would be another material. This is generally not as costly as bonded and top grain leather.
  • Suede: a leather that has a napped finish, it is smooth but doesn’t feel exactly like actual leather because it is the underside of the animal’s skin. Suede adds a bit of elegance to the room and feels good to sit on but needs regular maintenance.
You can find a variety of chairs that offer leather upholstery like chaises, rockers, recliners, and sofas. Leather comes in different colors and the most popular colors that homeowners prefer are: black, camel, dark brown, misty grey, and white. Leather seating is more used for more luxurious home theatres as the material costs more than others.


There are many different fabrics that are used as upholstery material. When it comes to home theater seating the following are quite popular:
  • Chenille: made from yarn, Chenille is a fabric that has a soft feel. The fabric works well on seating but can stain so you have to be careful in taking care of it. You can get chenille in almost any color you want.
  • Velvet: if you want luxurious seating then velvet is the way to go. The silk-like texture is smooth and allows for comfort in seating and you can find it in any color. It does tend to cost more needs extra care since it is a delicate material.
  • Grade 1 fabric: this is common fabric that isn’t the most durable. It has a higher likeliness to fade and also attract dust and fuzz ball. It requires a lot of maintenance.
  • Grade 2 fabric: better than Grade 1, the grading scale of fabric goes until 5. So the higher the grade the better the material is and less likely it is to pilling or fade.
Since fabrics are delicate, you need to think about the seating you get before you decide on the fabric. While fabrics are common on most chaises and sofas, they aren’t as common on recliners. Chenille is more common for family home theatres while velvet is used for more luxurious ones.


Vinyl upholstery is generally a choice of individuals that don’t want leather but want a fabric that is like it in both look and feel. Vinyl is cheaper than leather while providing a leather-like feel. It is also not as strong as leather but with care, it can last for years.
It is easy to clean as you can scrub any stain off vinyl with the use of detergent and water. Vinyl is easy to maintain so perfect for families with kids and bigger families.


Microfiber material is a synthetic fiber made from polyesters and polyamides. Being synthetic, the material doesn’t stain too and easy to clean as it repels wetting. The material is durable and easy to wash with the use of soap, water, and a cloth which makes this type of upholstery material great for families with kids. It also comes in many different colors and you can even get it with designs.

Ordering your chairs online

After you have decided on the type of chair you want along with the accessories, there are certain steps you need to take both at home and online, research-wise, before you should order the seats. We have a checklist for you that will help you through this process in selecting the right chair and vendor for you from the comfort of your own home.
We have divided this section of the guide in two parts: what you can do at home to make sure you order the right kind of seat, and what research you should do online before you pick the shop and manufacturer you will buy from.

What to do at home?

Measure your space

It is important that you know exactly how much space you have for the seats. The last thing you want is to get seats that don’t fit in the room. You want to start off by getting the measurement of the whole room. With that you will get a better idea of how many seats you can fit in the room.
You want to measure the optimal distance from the screen to the point where the seating should start. The seating should begin at a distance that is twice the size of the screen. So, for example, if you have a screen that is 60 inches then the seating should start roughly 120 inches away from the screen to get a proper view.
The last row should not be further than five times the size of the screen, so 300 inches away. This step will allow you to determine exactly how many seats you can fit in the room both in rows and width wise.

Build a model

Everything seems much simpler when you have a physical model in front of you rather than a mental image. Building a scale model of the room and the setup will help you not visualize but also see the setup. You can use a cardboard box as a scaled down size of the room.
At one end you have the screen and then you can insert the seating with scaled down measurements. It is important when building the model that the scale is uniform for everything. You may even need to cut a piece of the box, if it is too big.

Keeping the same science in measuring the distance between the screen to the seats, you can get a 3D like model of what your room can look like and how many seats can fit with a model.
Another option when it comes to building a model is to actually build model chairs from cardboard boxes. For this all you have to do is figure out the dimensions of the chair and use boxes of similar size as mockup chairs.
This may need a little extra effort but it is quite useful. The process will allow you to easy judge exactly how many seats you can fit in the room. Not only that but it will also give you the look and feel of the room with the seats even before you buy them.

Keep an eye on the style

The seating is the second most noticeable aspect in a home theater after the screen. It is a vital aspect of the aesthetics of the room, so you don’t want to go with any random style as it could completely throw the room’s ambiance.
When it comes to style, the type of seat you select is important. You don’t want to get rocker-style seats for a home theater where you want a more relaxing feel – recliners or chaise seating would be a better option.
You also want to pay attention to the style of the room such as wall color tones. This will help you decide which color seating would be best aesthetically for the room. While you can rarely go wrong with black, at times other seat colors appeal more.

Decide on the material

Deciding on the material of the seat is as important as the type of seat you select. Most seating comes with a wide variety of options when it comes to material. Leather and fabrics are the two most common materials you will find when it comes to home theater seats. When picking the material, you need to keep the following in mind:
How often will you use the home theater? For those homeowners that would use the home theater on a daily basis, getting seating with a more durable material makes a lot of sense so the seats last a longer time.
Do you have any children or will children have easy access to the home theater? If children will have access to the home theater than you definitely want to go with material that is durable, like leather.
Which material goes well with the ambiance of the room? There are many options for material, some give a classy, elegant feel while others are basic material. If you want a more luxurious feel to your home theater than suede and velvet are a great option, but they need a little extra care. If you want a basic feel then vinyl and fabrics are a good option.
Would you prefer a softer fabric rather than one that is more durable? Softer material like velvet need a little extra care and aren’t ideal for homes with children. More durable material would be leather and microfiber.

Consider the viewing angle to the screen

When it comes to viewing angles, there are two angles you need to be aware of, horizontal and vertical viewing angles. In home theatres, you generally have rows of seating which can alter the horizontal viewing angle. It is the angle at which each corner of the screen is the position of the seat.
The further back you move from the screen, the wider the view gets. So you want to position the seat so that the view is not too wide for those that are watching, meaning the person’s field of vision up to 40 degrees is the screen and nothing else. To ensure the best horizontal viewing angle for rows behind the first one, you may want to consider getting a seat riser and platform.

The vertical angle refers to how high the screen should be mounted. You don’t want the screen to be too high as it would mean you would need to look up at it, hurting your neck. The maximum recommended vertical angle is 35 degrees.
When mounting the screen, you need to take in to account the number of rows, you can’t have the screen at eye level with the first row if you have more than one. You need it to be a little higher so that people sitting in the back can also see the screen. Ideally, you need to place it at a height where no row has to exceed the 35 degree vertical viewing angle.

It’s all about the comfort

Comfort is one of the first things we look for when it comes to any type of seat, it is more important when it comes to home theater seats. After all, you will spend hours at a time on the seat, so you want to ensure it is comfortable. There are various aspects of the seat you need to pay attention to, to ensure you get one that is comfortable.
Depth: the depth of the seat allows you to determine how deep you slide into it. Bucket seats generally have a little more dept than others because they allow a person to sink into the seat like a bucket. But you don’t want a seat that allows you to completely dive in because the viewing angle may be altered due to this. Find a seat that has enough depth to let you sort of sink in while also allowing for optimal view.
Cushions: the cushions are considered to be the essence of the seat. The material of the cushion determines how you can sit in the seat. You should pay attention to the foam used in the cushion. You want a high-density memory foam that takes the shape of your body when you sit on it while providing you with extreme comfort at the same time. When shopping online, you want to pay attention to the foam used in the seat – we recommend getting seats with 1.8 high density foam.
Recline: nothing beats having the capability to recline back as you sit and relax while watching your favorite movies. You can sit in a more comfortable position with the recline mechanism, not having to sit straight up. Most vendors online tell you whether a seat reclines or not. You want to see how far it reclines so be sure to ask them that before you buy the seat.
Motorized headrest: it is important that your head is positioned for the best view and also to allow your head and neck to comfortably sit on the seat. A motorized headrest allows you to position the headrest to the ideal position for your head to sit comfortably on the seat.

What to do online?

Get to know the shop

When it comes to online shopping, you don’t just go with the first shop you see that sells the item you need. It is important to do your research on the shop before you buy from it, after all, there are plenty of frauds out there.
The first thing you want to do is analyze the whole website, go through it thoroughly. Read the about us page and if they have a testimonial page, go through that.
However, don’t just go by the testimonials because no one puts negative feedback on their website. To get a better understanding of the business, you will need to search them on Google and see their ratings there and also check their social media pages out. These two will give you a better insight of previous client’s experience with the business. If you can’t find much on the business then you may want to stay clear of it.

Get to know the brand

Bigger brands, in general, tend to be more in tune with their clients and know exactly what they need. They either manufacture or retail products that are durable and one that they can genuinely stand behind, which is something that smaller brands tend to lack at times.
So when you look at the business, see exactly how big it is. Bigger seating companies do significant due diligence to ensure that the products they sell are ones they can stand behind. This means that the product will be durable and to customer’s liking so they don’t have to worry about clients constantly coming back to them due to issues with the seats because it would be of high quality.

Make sure you call the store

When spending so much money on furniture, it is important you know the ins and outs of what it is you are buying. Rather than contemplating on your own whether a seat is right for you, call the store.
Businesses that value their customers have a number you can call to speak to experts that can help not only pick out the right seats but also design the layout and plan the accessories with the seat according to your needs.
All you have to do is let them know the style and color of your room and the expert will guide you to what is the most suitable seat for you. They may even tell you things you didn’t even consider when you were browsing online, their insights will add value to your shopping experience.

Read the reviews

Reading reviews about a business before you give them your money is a vital step in shopping online. You can’t just go by the reviews you see on the business’ website because they tend to be biased.
You want to read reviews either on their social media page or on a third party website like Google or BBB. Online businesses have less control over what is written on Google and BBB and this will give you a real picture of how previous clients feel about the business.  Trust Pilot and Yelp are also some websites you can look at for reviews on furniture shops.

Check the shipping options

When it comes to furniture, you need to pay close attention to the shipping options. The last thing you want is to have your couch delivered outside when it is set to rain. There are numerous different options that furniture shops provide:
Curbside or front door: this means that the drop off point of the furniture would be your front door or the curb, end of your driveway. Unless you have a team that can help you get the seats inside, it will be quite hard for you to move hundreds of pounds of furniture inside to the room you need.
Room of choice: this option means that the delivery men would professionally unload the items and take them to the room of choice. But note, that they would not unbox or unpack anything, just drop all the items to the room of your choice.
White glove: this service takes the room of choice option a little further. Not only will the delivery men unload the items to your room of choice but would also unbox, remove all packaging, and also help set up a limited number of items for you.
Most furniture shops offer curbside or front-door delivery free of cost. The price for both room of choice and white glove delivery varies depending on what it is you order and how heavy it is.

Ask for swatches of upholstery and colors

It can be difficult when shopping online to determine whether the upholstery or its color is right for you. You may want to feel the material or see the color in your hands before you decide on it.
You can request for upholstery and color samples from the shop and they will gladly send you swatches – samples of upholstery in different colors. This will allow you to feel the upholstery, pick the one that feels right in the color that goes with your room.

Read product description a few times

You need to pay close attention to the product detail before you purchase anything online. Since you won’t be able to touch or sit on the seat before you buy it, the description is your only guide into what the product would be like. So don’t just read it once, read it a few times almost to the point where you know the product inside and out.
The description will allow you to understand the measurements of the seat, so you know exactly how it will fit in your room, and also provide you with other insights that will help you decide whether or not the seat is right for you. At times, you may also find hidden details in the descriptions that you would not be able to see just by looking at the picture.

Compare the warranty

The type of warranty the manufacturer offers allows you to determine both the quality of the product and how much faith the manufacturer has in their product. The timeframe of the warranty usually ranges from 1 year to about 5 years.
If the manufacturer only offers a year of warranty, chances are they don’t have too much faith in it as opposed to those that have a longer period of warranty. Products with longer period of warranty are generally of higher quality.
If the furniture has electrical components then you also want to pay attention to the warranty on these items. Warranty is an aspect that needs to be completely clear to you before you buy furniture so be sure to call and ask their expert to explain it to you, if the website isn’t clear.

Look for coupons or special offers

Buying furniture isn’t cheap and if you can save even the slightest amount then you should. Most online businesses have special offers and coupon codes which they offer to prospective clients. Do your research on Google to see whether or not you can find any code or coupons for the shop you are planning on purchasing from.
Some may even give you discounts if you signup for their newsletter or refer someone else to the shop. Be sure to look into the shop’s offerings and see how you can possibly save a little extra on your purchase.


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