Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Choosing the perfect Massage chair
 The ALL New OS-PRO Dreamer is the latest and most advanced massage in the Osaki series. This Chair has a 3D mechanism to change the intensity of the rollers. Equipped with a micro-computer, it is engineered to perform various intelligent massage styles and combinations with precision and now with the added pleasures of heat therapy.

Revive and renew your body, mind and senses with the Osaki OS-3D PRO Dreamer massage chair. With its 3D massage technology it is one of the most advanced chairs on the at-home massage market today. Designed to tackle the stress, tension and everyday fatigue this massage chair will help make way for a healthier, happier you.
Fully equipped to provide you with the most human like massage experience, the Osaki 3D-pro dreamer is equipped with newly enhanced 3D massage rollers that are designed to massage wider and deeper than typical rollers. Now, the massage rollers don't just go up-and-down and side-to-side, but they move forward-and-back to add the ability to increase roller intensity for you and make your massage even more customizable. The 3D technology allows you to lengthen or protrude the massage heads up to 8 mm for a truly deep massage.

3D Massage TechnologyOsaki, massage chairs, OS-3D Pro Dreamer

Experience the most humanlike massage from Osaki. The newly enhanced 3D massage designed to massage wider and deeper than the conventional massage rollers. The 3D technology allows you to extend out the massage heads up to 8 cm for an intense deep massage. The 3D intensity has 5 different levels, ranging from mild to strong. With the 3D technology, reaching and massaging the acupuncture points becomes effortless with accurate precision and depth, leaving you revitalized.

2 Stage Zero Gravity
Introduced by NASA more than 2 decades ago, the zero gravity position is a relaxing and stress-free position on your body, minimizing the pressure along the back and spine region. There are 2 stages of zero gravity, the 2nd being more reclined. When reclined fully, to where your legs are higher than your heart level, the therapeutic effects are incredibly effective and may be felt immediately.
Osaki, massage chairs, OS-3D Pro Dreamer
2nd Generation S-Track
The massage track is designed to contour the human back more than ever and to enhance the movement of the massage heads with better accuracy.

Accupoint TechnologyOsaki, massage chairs, OS-3D Pro Dreamer
You have approximately 350 accupoints in your body, with nearly 100 in your back and neck alone. From the soothing palm style massage of the Swedish massage, to the deep tissue kneading of the shiatsu style massage, the OS-3D Pro Dreamer zero gravity massage chair has a variety of techniques to target the acupoints with precise accuracy.

Computer Body Scan GPSOsaki, massage chairs, OS-3D Pro Dreamer
The 3D point navigation system uses the pressure sensor technology that virtually maps your back (up to 200 sq. inches) for ultimate massage accuracy and efficiency. The 3D Zero gravity system scans your back and delivers a massage that contours the unique spine curve of each individual user of the chair. The "floating" massage heads glide over your back knowing exactly which area to target.

MP3 Player ConnectionOsaki, massage chairs, OS-3D Pro Dreamer
To enhance your massage experience, the chair is equipped with a built in mp3 connection so you can play your favorite music on quality speakers located by your ears, for a direct clean sound. Both volume and song selection can be controlled directly from your mp3 player.

Waist Airbag SqueezeOsaki, massage chairs, OS-3D Pro Dreamer
2 airbags on each side of the waist area inflate, squeezing the waist and massaging that region. When inflated, the airbags will not only massage the sides of your back but also position you more firmly in the chair allowing for a deeper massage from the back.

6 Airbag Seat and Hip MassageOsaki, massage chairs, OS-3D Pro Dreamer
In the seat and hips are 6 airbags that inflate squeezing the hips inwards. The soft air stimulation works on the thighs by stretching the muscles.

Back HeatingOsaki, massage chairs, OS-3D Pro Dreamer
The action of the intensive massage with heating for the mid back and air massage for the buttocks, make for a more thorough and enjoyable massage. With the seat airbag inflating, it will also force your lower back to press more firmly to the backrest for a stronger and deeper massage.
Upper Shoulder Massage
Along the outer edges of the left and right side are a set of air bags to provide kneading/squeezing style massage to the outer shoulder area.
Osaki, massage chairs, OS-3D Pro Dreamer
 The Cozzia Model 16027 Massage Chair features auto-scan technology that custom-matches a massage routine to each user, as well as Zero Gravity positioning that elevates the knees, keeps the spine parallel to the ground, and eliminates vertical pressure on the vertebrae to heighten relaxation during use. An S-shaped back rest and automatic reclining add to the comfort and convenience of this massage chair.
 The Infinity IYASHI Zero Gravity Massage Chair - IT-IYASHI by Infinity Massage Chairs. Infinity continues to be the innovative leader bringing to market life changing massage therapies. Incorporating many of the Zen Master and Ti Chi massage techniques, IYASHI is truly an industry revolutionizing massage chair.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Home Cinema Center announces Infinity Massage Chairs

The New World of Massage

Experience the luxury of a personalized massage in your own environment, be it at home or office, and bring relaxation into everyday living. Infinite Therapeutics' Infinity™ line of state-of-the-art massage chairs combines cutting-edge technology, ancient therapeutic techniques, and aesthetic appeal.
We have searched the globe to find the latest and greatest innovations in home massage therapy and have developed products that deliver innovative technology with powerful therapy and soothing comfort. Our chairs come with automated massage programs, but are also customizable for when you want to target specific muscle groups or areas. Connect your MP3 player to personalize the experience with your favorite music. An easy-to-use remote makes it simple to get straight to relaxation.
 The all-new Infinity IT-8500X3 Massage Chair by Infinity Massage Chairs. Intelligent use of an advanced 3D technology to maximize user comfort makes the Infinity™ IT-8500X3 Massage Chair a great addition to commercial as well as residential setup.

On Sale $4,595.00

 The 100% leather Infinity IT-9800 Inversion Therapy Massage Chair by Infinity Massage Chairs is a gorgeous reclining massage chair. It has been praised for its luxurious appearance, designed to compliment any decor, and offers an array of stunning colors. 
On Sale $3,695.00
The all-new Infinity Altera Massage Chair by Infinity Massage Chairs offers the ultimate calming experience for a wide variety of people. Engineered with petite users in mind, the Altera is the perfect fit for those who typically find themselves sinking in other massage chair models.
On Sale  $3995