Thursday, September 27, 2018

Madden Platform Bed 6 Piece Bedroom Set in Smokey Walnut / Coffee Bean Finish by Scott Living - 212430

The Artesia Collection by Scott Living is crafted from Mahogany wood with walnut veneer. Rooted from beautiful craftsmanship and true to the live edge movement, this collection is nature’s stunning gift. The pieces feature full tree slab veneers with natural exotic variances, exposed dovetail, floating base and walnut bow tie inlays. Two platform bed options with or without storage, finger tip pull drawers, removable jewelry tray in top drawer of dresser, as well as dual USB ports in nightstands and felt line top drawers make this collection trully desirable.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Everest Fully Modular Sectional


Choose from 14 available pieces and build your own sectional!
The Everest Collection is available in 3 colors: chocolate, seal, and ivory.

The Everest Collection by Jackson Furniture offers both beauty and comfort to help enhance the look and feel of any living room decor. The plush casual deep seating design, extra thick seat cushions and super soft luxurious suede fabric will bring comfort to your home abode. The palette of 3 available colors; chocolate, seal and ivory altogether with correlating throw pillows will complement any decor. This fully modular collection offers 14 pieces to create a small, medium or large sectional in any configuration that fits best your floor plan. You can also build reversible configurations. Create your personal design that will bring a cozy and upscale environment to your living area, where you can relax after a stressful day at work or entertain with your friends and family in style.

  • 4377-62 LSF Section L-101 H-38 D-43
  • 4377-72 RSF Section L-101 H-38 D-43
  • 4377-75 LSF Chaise L-45 H-38 D-67
  • 4377-76 RSF Chaise L-45 H-38 D-67
  • 4377-46 LSF Loveseat L-61 H-38 D-43
  • 4377-42 RSF Loveseat L-61 H-38 D-43
  • 4377-29 Armless Loveseat L-51 H-38 D-43
  • 4377-30 Armless Sofa L-75 H-38 D-43
  • 4377-31 Armless Chair L-26 H-38 D-43
  • 4377-92 LSF Piano Wedge L-76 H-38 D-63
  • 4377-96 RSF Piano Wedge L-76 H-38 D-63
  • 4377-59 Corner L-43 H-38 D-43
  • 4377-88 Entertainment Console L-14 H-36 D-43
  • 4377-28 Large 51 Inch Cocktail Ottoman L-51 H-18 D-51
  • 4377-12 Medium 40 Inch Cocktail Ottoman L-40 H-18 D-40

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

5 Things You Need to Consider When Buying Bedroom Sets

What does your bedroom mean to you? Is it the place you visit to sleep only? Certainly not! Bedrooms are your private and intimate space in the home where you spend some quality time talking to yourself, reading the most fascinating magazine, dancing on your favorite song, and even crying when you are at your most vulnerable. Because your bedroom serves you in so many comforting and relaxing ways, furnishing it with luxurious, cozy, and spectacular pieces of furniture becomes a compulsion.
There is no doubt that every individual wants and even makes substantial efforts to decorate and furnish their bedrooms with supreme quality and stylish furniture. However, at times, they emphasize on the appearance of the furniture only and overlook other important factors that contribute equally in increasing the aesthetic appeal of the room.
In order to help you steer clear of buying bedroom sets that provide you with neither the desired comfort nor give your room a classy look, in this article, we are going to discuss about the 5 essentials that one must consider before purchasing furniture for his/her bedroom.

1.     The Size of the Bedroom

Whether you are buying furniture for your bedroom, living room, or any other room of the house, measuring the space available is the primary and the most important step of the purchasing process. When going over to the furniture store, many people believe that they already have a precise idea about the dimensions of their room and the type of furniture that would fit in it. However, having a vague idea and knowing precise dimensions are two separate things. At times, these people end up buying bedrooms sets that are either too large or too small for the room.

2.     To Whom Does the Bedroom Belong?

The bedroom sets for children’s room are definitely going to have different designs and styles than those meant for to adults’ room. Depending on the age of the resident, there are different sets available in the market. Therefore, buying a nice-looking bedroom set, without considering the age or preferences of the dweller, can be a bad decision, especially for kids, who would never agree to have a sophisticated, old fashioned bed in their rooms.

3.     The Design of the Bedroom

The next thing to keep in mind is the design of the room. It is crucial to ensure that the size and design of the bedroom set is in harmony with the architecture of the room. For example, if your room has a low roof, opting for a bunk bed might not be the best idea.

4.     Additional Storage Requirements

Many beds are multifunctional, which means along with being a bed, they also serve as storage centers to stock your blankets, bags, books, clothes, etc. If want such a bed, then make sure that it has enough drawers and cabinets to serve your storage needs.

5.     The Price of the Bedroom Set

Last but not the least comes your price range. You should know your budget before visiting a furniture store so that you buy good-quality yet reasonable priced furniture.
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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sheffield 6 Piece Bedroom Suite in Antique Grey Finish by Crown Mark - CM-B1120

The Sheffield Collection by Crown Mark antique gray set effortlessly blends with both modern and traditional styles. The full extension ball bearing glides along with French dovetail drawer front and English dovetail back makes the drawers functional apart from being just stylish. The set imparts a traditional touch to the interiors. The detailed curves on the plush upholstered headboard and mirror are sure to catch the attention of the onlookers. The rustic and natural feel of this bedroom set is sure to uplift the entire setting of your room, adding more dimension and character to it.


  • Sheffield Collection
  • Antique Grey finish
  • Traditional styling
  • Elegant carving
  • Beveled and shaped mirror
  • French dovetail drawer front and English dovetail back
  • Manufacturer: Crown Mark

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Choosing the Best Home Theatre Seating For an Exclusive Cinematic Experience


Watching a much-awaited movie in the cinema with your family or friends signifies that you are having an amazing weekend. However, the experience could have been better if you could have enjoyed the movie at your home theater, saving you the hassle of waiting in queues for tickets and pop corns while allowing you to enjoy the cinematic experience in all its glory right within the comfort of your own home.
When it comes to having a personalized home theater system, many people say that it usually lacks the exclusive cinematic effect. This happens because most people spend all their time and money choosing a screen, amplifier, DVD player, and other related equipment. One important thing they usually over look is seating. The experience is incomplete without the right seating.
The size, design, fabric, color, etc of the home theater seating play a significant role in determining the quality of experience you end up with. However, people usually don’t know how to choose the perfect theater seats and end up at buying inappropriate chairs that ruin the experience for them. In order to help you with home movie theater seating, here, we present you a comprehensive guide on how to go on about buying the best seating for your home theater.

·        Check out the size of the room

The first thing to determine prior to buying home theater seating is the size of your room. Measuring the dimensions of the room makes it easier to decide what type and size of the chairs you should opt for. Purchasing bigger seats than required brings two major disadvantages. Firstly, it becomes difficult to accommodate them with a fine setting, and secondly, bigger seats absorb too much sound, which disturbs the sound effects of the movie.

·        Consider the size of the screen

One major reason that movies at cinemas appear more thrilling and satisfying is the fact that the cinema people select and design everything as per the size of the screen. Knowing the screen size helps in identifying the possible angles and arrangements for optimal viewing, that is, not too close or too far- as Goldilocks would say it: ‘just right’.

·        Choose a suitable design

Once the size of the room and screen has been measured, the next thing that comes is the type of the seating you want for your home theater. Sofas, chairs, couches, recliners, or something else – there are several options to select from. Regardless of the type you end up going for, keep in mind the level of comfort it offers. You would never want to keep changing seating angles throughout the movie to get comfortable, especially during the climax.

·        Don’t forget the Theme of the Room

How well the seats compliment the theme of the room is just as crucial as any other aspect of the home theater seating. Therefore, choose the color and material of the chairs wisely. They should match to the pattern and color of your room walls and should look captivating.
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Monday, September 3, 2018
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