Wednesday, April 11, 2018

 How to place furniture in a room

Last week, the goal of our furniture blog post was to inspire you to consider making small changes in home decorating and furniture arrangement. Trying something different can do wonders for the look and feel of your space, whether you’ve moved into a new home or you’re just hoping to refresh a long lived-in abode. It starts with learning as much as you can about how to position furniture in a visually and mentally pleasing way.

Think about creating a healthy relationship between different items in a room, from clearance furniture to accessories and artwork. Consider the day-to-day function of a room before choosing which type of balance you want to achieve within it. With symmetrical balance, there’s two of everything. It’s a very restful strategy that works well in bedrooms (like placing identical night stands at either side of the bed). Meanwhile, add exciting visual motion and interest with an asymmetrical approach. Two flower vases of slightly different sizes placed next to each other on a countertop is its own worthy form of balance.

Our next bit of furniture blog advice is to customize your furniture arrangement based on the shape of the space you have to work with. The idea is that all new furniture (and old furniture) arrangements have a certain totality or overall form. So for example, split a long and narrow living room into two distinct functional zones. So one half could be designated for your sofa and entertainment center, while the other works as a dining room. When it comes to rectangular-shaped rooms, think about breaking them into squares for a less formal, more comfortable environment.
Finally, create a sense of depth in any room with visual tricks such as triangulation. In interior design, this refers to strategies like positioning two end tables on each side of a sofa with a painting hanging over the sofa.

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