Sunday, October 18, 2015


People who are looking to re-decorate or re-model their living-room often don’t know what they want, or don’t know the best way to utilize the size of the space. Ideas for setting and arranging furniture, in small living rooms especially, is a challenge that most people face. Here are some tips that will help.
Pick A Neutral Color and Stick to It
One of the best ways to push back the walls and make a small space appear larger is by using a neutral palette for your furniture throughout the living room. As compared to a mismatched color palette, the eyes can roam through a neutral living room setting much more freely.

Go Small Scale for Your Living Room Set
You should always choose the size of the furniture that is exact and appropriate for the room it’s meant for. Also, keep in mind, who will use it and why. Consider placing a simple accent chair by Coaster in your living room area which will bring style to your home. Although a bit heftier, its shape won’t take up the whole room.

Let There Be Light, and Lots of It
To help make a space look larger, you can take advantage of all the light that is available and play with the possibilities. White or pale colors will make a room seem brighter. Avoid fancy window treatments and place simple but elegant looking curtains on them. You don’t want the living room to become stuffy.

Need More Seating? Add a Window Seat
You can turn a window niche into a cozy and mini living area, by placing a window seat. The idea is to make do with what space is available; therefore choose leggy, and slender sized furniture because they don’t take up much space.

An Ottoman Can Act As a Coffee Table
Instead of getting a gilded coffee table for your living room, why not place a large and upholstered ottoman instead? This piece of furniture can double up as a coffee table very easily, and can be used just like it as well.

Make Use of Every Corner
If you have an open floor plan, separate an area for the living room and plan accordingly by keeping in mind, the other areas that will come into the space too. You can place 2 leather upholstered chairs and one recliner, or a fabric upholstered couch with two chairs side by side, along with a large coffee table in the middle and a rug.

Make Clear Paths for Traffic
The living room furniture should be arranged in such a way that outgoing and incoming traffic should be directed around the conversation area rather than through it. Place the sofa, with its back facing the main entry door first, then start the seating plan for that area.
Getting ideas for furniture arrangement of small living rooms isn’t such a hard task, if you choose the right furniture to go with the space that is available. If you are looking to re-decorate your living room, then Home Cinema Center might prove to be a good destination for you.


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