Sunday, January 17, 2016

Martin Luther King Sale - now thru 1/18…/25.htm

3% off orders $500 to $1499 - Code <buymore3>
5% off orders $1500 to $2499 - Code <buymore5>
7% off orders $2500 to $4999 - Code <buymore7>
10% off orders $5000 and up - Code <buymore10>


  1. I'm loving those plush sofas in the pictures on your page. I'm also interested in knowing what else you offer for sale. I teach at one of the IAS coaching centres in Chennai. I am also good at interior design and one of my favourite hobbies is to beautify my house with DIY decor.

  2. I am an interior design and love to know what more you have on sale. the couches and dining looked fine. Are there more dining tables on the offer. I am particularly looking out for a white color set with flower pattern seating. Also the table cloth needs to have a bright yellow and aqua touch. Also visit at Rehabilitation centre in Chennai

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